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50 Year Old Scotch and Red Rock Country Club Real Estate

Recently on a listing appointment in Red Rock Country Club, the homeowner gave me a tour of his custom wet bar and proudly showed off his collection of fine whiskey. While not a big drinker it was the last appointment of the day and when offered a tiny sip of one called “The Balvenie”, I had to give it a try. Even a person who is not a whiskey connoisseur could taste that it was something very special indeed.

You don’t have to know my client in Red Rocks Country Club to try this amazing craftsmanship. If you appreciate the finer types of alcohol that you can find around the world then you can treat yourself to some of the finest and most expensive whiskey in the world by visiting The Talon Club, one of the many exclusive rooms in The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas. When we mention the finer types of alcohol here we’re actually talking a single malt Scotch whiskey, called The Balvenie, which has been aged for 50-years. Part of what makes this whiskey so special is that it’s made by one of the few family-run and purely traditional distilleries in the world (based in Scotland of course) and is a result of centuries of whiskey craftsmanship.

The Balvenie is very unique in that it’s been aged 50-years but it’s also available in an extremely limited supply internationally. This distillery isn’t interested in mass production of this incredible whiskey so there are only 88 bottles of it available worldwide. Even more incredibly only 10 of those bottles have been allocated to the United States – one of the many reasons why The Talon Club stocking this single malt is such an incredible coup.

So you’re probably wondering what a bottle of this incredible whiskey might cost you? You won’t have change from $30,000 if you decide to buy an entire bottle and even a single one ounce glass won’t leave you very much change from $4,000. The Balvenie isn’t some swill to be guzzled down by the bottle but is instead a whiskey that should be savored at every single taste and shared with friends who truly do appreciate the finer things in life.

It’s important to remember that “The Balvenie” is the result of 50-years of work and this isn’t a whiskey that can be copied or mimicked, so you’ll have just a few rare opportunities to enjoy a dram or two of this whiskey before it’s gone forever!

Remember, if you are looking to try some of the finest whiskeys in the world, visit The Talon Club at the Cosmo. If you are looking to buy or sell Red Rocks Country Club Real Estate, Call Ken Lowman at Luxury Homes of Las Vegas at 702.216.4663.

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