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Unrivaled Refinement, Iconic Las Vegas Luxury

Luxury Upgrades to Elevate Your Home

When creating your dream home, beautiful luxury finishes will help take it to the next level. Thinking over every detail, finish, and accessory will elevate your space to make it as stunning and personal as possible. As you grow in your home, making these upgrades can drastically improve its look and functionality.

Bathroom Finishes

A bathroom is one of the most used rooms in a home and is meant to be a place to unwind after a long day. By incorporating candles, welcoming colors, and natural lighting, your bathroom can become an oasis in your home. One of the most popular bathroom upgrades is a large soaking tub. A free-standing tub is a perfect place to relax, and it can add a beautiful design element to the room. Whether you choose something more eclectic like a claw-foot tub or something more modern like a jacuzzi, this is certain to give your bathroom a luxurious makeover. A large walk-in shower with glass and multiple shower heads can elevate the style in your bathroom compared to a traditional shower or tub with a curtain. Including intricate patterns and bold colors in tile-work will also give your shower a unique finish that will wow your guests.

Apart from showers and tubs, bathrooms feature a substantial amount of other design elements that often go unnoticed. Ensuring that you pay attention to wall and floor tiles, paint colors, and even the ceiling will make the design more cohesive. Even details as small as the hardware on cabinets or the finishes on your bathroom fixtures make a big difference. Creating a warm and inviting bathroom will, in turn, make it feel even more luxurious.

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High-End Appliances

When creating a luxury kitchen, beauty and functionality go hand-in-hand. In addition to the finishes and design elements, choosing high-end appliances that will last a lifetime is a crucial step. Choosing the best luxury appliance brand for your home will ensure that your kitchen is breathtaking and suits all your needs in terms of usage. If you do a lot of cooking, investing in a quality stove and oven will elevate your cooking experience.

Outside of basic appliances like a refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher, you can include a number of other appliances to make your kitchen more user-friendly. For example, a large ice maker in a bar is perfect for entertaining and making the best cocktails! You can also include a built-in espresso or coffee machine if you want to feel like you’re in the best cafe in town without leaving home. Of course, these appliances are great but they also might require maintenance down the road. Using a home warranty to take care of your kitchen gadgets and electrical systems will make future repairs much less stressful. Should any of these gadgets need replacement, a home warranty may cover some of the costs.  As your home ages, it’s important to continue to make small upgrades as technology advances to keep your home modern and luxurious.

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A Home Gym Setup

A luxury home isn’t complete without its various amenities. If you enjoy working out and living an active lifestyle, the inclusion of a home gym is a must. Not every home gym needs to be huge, but including some workout equipment in an extra space will serve as a great addition and increase the value of your home if you ever decide to sell down the road.

Home gyms can be modest and include some basic weights and a cardio machine, but they can also be large and have enough machines to do a full workout as if you were at a real gym. Designing a home gym entails a lot, but once you figure out what kinds of equipment you’d get the most use out of, you can begin adding in those luxury features. There is nothing more relaxing after a workout than using a sauna or steam room, so those may be features you want to include in your home gym area. Converting a regular shower into a steam shower is also a great way to add a luxurious amenity without having to do too much major construction. A home gym is a great way to add luxury features and stay active while enjoying your home.

A Private Backyard and Pool

The inside of your home can have tons of beautiful pieces of furniture, art, and technology but your backyard is where you’ll do most of your entertaining. Having your backyard fenced in to create a private and secluded space is essential to a luxurious home. In addition to privacy, a patio or deck with a bar, outdoor kitchen, and lounge area are must-haves for backyard entertaining. This can help create a stunning outdoor living space that will flow into your home’s interior when hosting large gatherings.

Once you have the perfect patio area, designing a breathtaking pool will elevate your backyard even further. Many luxury homes feature an infinity pool or even a hot tub with a waterfall into a regular swimming pool.  No matter which route you choose, there are a number of luxury elements that you can include such as built-in seating, a water feature, or even a swim-up bar area. These luxurious pools are sure to bring your entertaining to the next level or create the ultimate relaxation experience for yourself and your family.

No matter how much construction you’re looking to take on, making changes to your home to add more luxury touches will make a huge difference in the beauty and functionality of the different spaces. Adding some new appliances, changing up your bathroom finishes, creating the ultimate backyard, and building a sleek home gym are sure to make your home even better for your family. It’s most important to curate your home to your personal taste and needs, and luxury upgrades are sure to do the trick.

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