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Preparing Your Horse Property to Sell-Stage it Like you Mean It!

As a top professional real estate agent, I am often asked how to prepare and stage high end, luxury properties for sale.

Since I have an interest in horses and subsequently horse properties, I would like to share my knowledge with you, as this information applies to all price ranges and all property types.

In a buyer’s market such as ours, sellers find themselves in competition with numerous other properties. Buyers have a selection like never before and as such sellers need to make an even greater effort to set their property apart. I am often amazed at how this information has not reached people who truly need to sell and cannot afford to miss one potential buyer due to lack of preparation. As a real estate professional, I feel that being forthright and clear, is a critical component to a successful outcome. I hope to share with you a few simple, but all important tips on preparing your horse property to sell, so here it goes…

The Basics:

Keep it clean – I cannot stress the importance of a well kept and clean home enough. Buyers cannot over look laundry on the floor and dishes in the sink so please don’t be fooled…. Buyers receive many subliminal clues about a property and sometimes don’t even understand or realize what is actually turning them off. Visual harmony is key here.

The power of scent – A welcoming cinnamon or warm vanilla scent in the form of a candle is always a good idea, I often find plug in air fresheners over whelming, so please use sparingly if you prefer not to use candles.

Organization – This is the perfect time to de-clutter and de personalize. It is time to put away your saddle that you brought in to oil, your boots, brushes, heavy coats and other “horsey” items that have made their way into your home. Be mindful of clutter, mail and magazine stock piles, reminder notes and all items that could possibly lead a potential buyer to believe you actually live in the house. We are staging to sell and yes inconveniences and extra work are part of the program

Light – This is a big one for me. I often walk into homes where the sellers have closed all the blinds and draperies creating a dark and closed space that feels more like a bat cave than a home. Light, bright and airy homes will sell faster, so feel free to open up your French doors on a sunny day. Open windows and fresh air are very attractive when the weather is nice.

Extra effects – Here are the things you can do for “bonus points” and I promise you it is worth the effort! Music is wonderful. I try to match the music with the property. A rustic country retreat might call for some Flemenco acoustic guitar, where a sophisticated dressage barn might call for uplifting classical or whimsical jazz..Whatever your musical tastes are, keep it light, soft and consistent. In media rooms or television viewing areas, a DVD playing of your favorite equestrian event is always nice.

The barn and grounds – Clean, weed free, manicured grounds are very inviting. Put your heavy equipment, horse trailers and extra vehicles in well contained area, neatly parked, all going the same direction. These types of things cost nothing to do, but make a big impact. The barn and horse stables should be free of rakes, shovels, hay carts and non essential horse tack. Make sure your stalls are safe, secure and most of all CLEAN! Flies, manure and misc. barn tools are not pretty and do not make for a polished, professional appearance. Right down to the horses in my barn, I like everything to be clean and well cared for. Well cared for horses in well kept environment is very attractive.

You may read through this list and think “wow, that is so much work!” and it is… There is nothing simple or easy about keeping a well run and well kept horse facility and trying to sell your home makes these tips and suggestions even more important. The old adage that “You have only one chance to make a first impression” has never been more true. Most of these suggestions are free and require some additional time and effort, but little extra expense. I hope these tips help and I welcome your comments or questions.