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Staging Tips to Sell Your Las Vegas Luxury Home

Have you ever watched a home staging television reality show? If you have, what they show you and tell you is relevant. The best way to stage a luxury home to sell is focus on the three C’s: Clean, Clear and Clutter-free. Cleaning is the most obvious as luxury buyers only know what they see and dirty or messy luxury homes aren’t what they look for. Similar to selling a luxury car, you would first wash it, vacuum it, clean the windows and then wax it. In a luxury home you need to touch-up the paint or repaint, clean the floors and carpets, wash the windows and make your home shine. Clearing is probably the hardest to do. When selling, less is usually more. You want your rooms to appear large and with non-essential decorative and furniture items cleared out your rooms will appear larger and more inviting. Removing clutter makes your luxury home look like a model luxury home and brings order to the environment. If the luxury home buyer is looking at your clutter then they are not looking at your luxury home. For more tips on staging your luxury home to sell please click on the link below or contact me. Luxury Home Staging Tips I specialize in staging and selling luxury homes in Las Vegas!

staging tips to sell your home

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